Client:Saké Fest PDX
Date:March 24, 2015

New Saké Fest PDX website after rebranding

Saké Fest PDX new homepage

To celebrate their fifth anniversary, the founders of Saké Fest PDX, Event Navigators, needed a new look for their website that better reflected the sophisticated event.

Pleasing to the eye: The new website is filled with event photos that highlight the experience of attending Saké Fest PDX. Website visitors can now visualize themselves at the event, tasting the delicious foods and saké.

User-friendly: The old site was dated and not built on a responsive platform. When mobile and tablet users visited the old website, they were forced to zoom and scroll. The new website is user-friendly for all types of devices.

Effective sales tool: Tickets for this year’s event are selling at a rapid pace, even without heavy promotion and expensive advertising.

Happy sponsors and vendors: Event sponsors as well as food and beverage vendors are excited about the upcoming event. Still months away, with little promotion, vendors and sponsors are signing up in droves to participate– earlier than any previous event.

Here’s what the website used to look like:

Old Saké Fest PDX website